Chapter Director

Clair Antoine joined the DELIVERED team in 2017 and will manage the St. Louis chapter. Sexual health education has been a long-standing commitment of Clair’s which stems from personal experiences, both positive and negative, with access to information about sexual health. With 46.9% of the population of St. Louis being African American (xirself included), Clair feels it is particularly important that the people here who need information about their reproductive rights and about their bodies, be given the opportunity to have that powerful information to help decrease health disparities. However, this information alone is not enough. People must also feel safe in seeking out that information and openly asking questions. Clair has seen that there is a desperate need for the deliverance of culturally sensitive community services and that, until those networks are realized, community building through narrative storytelling can be one way to support marginalized people as they navigate daily social inequities. Clair now works in the Office of Diversity Programs at Washington University and is on the FLOURISH- St. Louis Health Information and Navigation Action Team to reduce infant mortality.