Meagan Hemeon has been with DELIVERED since 2014, helping to connect the Boston community to their reproductive stories. As a health educator, she seeks to empower people to take control of their reproductive health. As chapter director, she has witnessed the power of stories to challenge assumptions and increase understanding. She currently serves as a member of the Healing Our Community Collaborative board of directors and sits on the Information and Education Materials Committee at ABCD Health Services Family Planning Program.



Production Manager: Stephanie Crawford is a teacher, photographer, and event planner. Her own experience aspires her to provide valuable information on coping with birth loss and to make life-changing decisions. She believes in the mission of DELIVERED and joined the team in 2017.

Casting Manager: Lindsay Wolff is a doula and former scientist. Her own birth experience revealed how different individual birth stories are and even how different individual perceptions are of a given birth. She is so excited to be involved with DELIVERED and joined the team in 2017.

Media Relations Manager: Stacy McHugh is an educator and former radio host. Delivered became the perfect opportunity for her to bring education and performance together while bringing attention to a subject that is not widely discussed enough. She is a past DELIVERED teller and joined the team in 2015.

Research and Evaluation Manager: Cassandra Cohn is a full-spectrum doula. She believes in reproductive decision-making and aspires to educate people about reproductive health and navigate it confidently. She joined the team in 2017. 


LaNette Peavy will assist in the Production efforts for the Boston Chapter. She is passionate about the power of education and awareness in supporting families and individuals through pregnancy and infant loss.

Sheila Krishnan will assist in the Casting efforts for the Boston chapter. She is passionate about diversifying the narratives that exist around women's reproductive experiences and believes in the healing power of sharing one's story.